Craig LaMere

Class: Creating Amazing Images is Nothing More Than Simple Cooking!

 I will show you how to organize seven shooting elements so you will be able to shoot and create amazing images in any genre.

BIOI've been a full time professional photographer for 13 years. I'm based in Pocatello, Idaho where I have run a full time studio for the past 12 years. In those years I've been lucky enough to spend some of my time traveling the world shooting in amazing places, teaching awesome people, eating yummy food, drinking great bourbon and having the best time ever. My greatest strength as a shooter is my versatility; there is nothing on Earth I can't shoot. 


Carly Sullens

Sponsored by Marathon Press

Class: The Art of Editing

Whether you are further down the path of your photography journey, or only scratching the surface, this class will increase your creative editing knowledge. Editing your digital images is an important step in any good photographer's workflow. Taking pictures doesn't end when you press the shutter button; it ends with the final edit. Without post production, most photos lack the impact and luster professional photographer's aspire. Learn to turn a flat photo into a work of art integrating tips and tricks in Lightroom Classic and Photoshop. Photographer’s will gain creative freedom and excitement from the restraints of when the original photo was taken. Topics covered include: portrait retouching, color grading, photo painting, overlays and more. Move beyond basic technique to creating photos you and other will love. 


Carly Sullens is a St. Louis based professional art photographer, artist, digital painter and an educator. Carly studied painting and art history in both undergraduate and grad school, training in watercolor, oils, and acrylics as she earned her Art Therapy degree. Seeing that different forms of art have shaped and evolved her as an artist, several years ago, she added photography to her portfolio. Eventually, she began to apply her painting training, turning photos into works of art. Her photographs have earned several awards and been published. She has her own backdrop line with Clickprops Backdrops and is proud to be a spokesperson with Marathon Press.


Christie Newell

Class: Attracting the Perfect Newborn Client Through Fine Art Maternity

Find out how the Fine Art Maternity approach attracts the right client you want to keep coming back. Christie will walk you through her process of marketing to these clients, stylizing their sessions and creating an experience to remember. Christie will be doing a live session to show stylizing, flow posing and editing for the Fine Art Finish. Christie will be going over all aspects of catering to your client and keep them coming back. Concepts, styling, posing, transitioning, lighting, hands on, marketing ideas and post processing. Over the years Christie's clients are coming to her for her perspective. What is your perspective? What is your clients perspective? Lets find out!!

Christie is now spe
aking and sharing the studio's success with other photographers across the country. Giving back to the profession that has given her so much. Sonshine Portrait Design is a second generation portrait studio operating out of Germantown Hills Illinois. Christie's passion for photography started at an early age working with her mother Barb who established the studio in 1977. Christie took over the shooting in 2002. Growing up surrounded by the love of photography, Christie is proud to carry on her mother's dream and now owns the business.

The studio, "Sonshine Portrait Design", was relocated to Germantown Hills in 2006 and in 2021 Christie's husband and stepdad built an addition on to the home. While newborns were Christie's specialty, she has developed a love for empowering women through boudoir portraiture. Christie feels that by getting to know each client individually, she can create a product as unique as they are. The end result is a portrait tailor made for each client. Christie's talent for design, light, and final composition to her art work sets her apart from her competition. Personality and attention to detail keeps clients coming back. 
Christie, holds the Professional Photographers of America, "Master of Photography" degree, "Photographic Craftsman" degree and is a Certified Professional Photographer. She is a member of Professional Photographers of America. She has served on many committees through PPA over the past several years.

Since 2006, Christie has won numerous awards for her photography on a local, state, district and international level. These awards include the prestigious Fuji Masterpiece Award, 3 Kodak Gallery Awards, 2 CPP awards, 2 Lexjet awards and many others. She has been part of team USA competing in the World Photographic Cup!! Her work has been featured and published in the PPA International Loan Collection, PPA magazine and Lensational magazine. She has also been named in the top ten photographers for Illinois several years.


Jim Trapp

Class: Photography Strong

Sculpting a fitness subject with lighting can be a challenging process. Fitness portraits many times involved aspiring models or fitness instructors. However, today many of my requests are coming from everyday people who have changed their lifestyle and want to now capture themselves in a portrait that visually describes their new beginning. Whether a beginner or intermediate photographer, this class provides a simple structure and concepts to help understand how to shape lighting it for impact. I will breakdown the aspects of lighting for a clear understanding and my set ups. I will demonstrate how to bring out the emotions from a subject to create a story, expression, and impact in a portrait. Then we shift gears to see the magic happen with my post work process.


A PPA member since 2012, Jim Trapp began his Professional Photographic career working and managing portrait studios for various companies. With no formal photography education, he started to enroll in professional photography workshops and courses. After joining PPA, he entered his 1st Image competition in 2014. Along this path he realized the value of belonging to professional organizations and joined the local affiliate in Sacramento, CA in 2013 and followed by the State Origination in 2015. Today he runs his own studio specializing in heirloom wall art for families, Weddings, Family and Fine Art portraits. Service, Awards, Degrees - PPA Certified 2014, PPC Chairman of the Board 2022-Current, PPC President 2021-2022, PPSV President 2015-2016, PPC Board member 2016-current, ASP Member 2018, PPA Master Degree 2018, PPA Craftsman Degree 2019, PPC Service Medallion 2019, PPC Business/Arts Degree 2019, PPA Silver Medalist 2015, PPA Gold medalist 2016, PPA Silver Medalist 2017, PPA Bronze medalist 2018


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