Exclusive Member Benefits include:

-Discounted rates to PPofN events-  Bi-annual Conferences, 4-6 Focus Workshops annually (including PPA Continuing Education courses)

-Complimentary Member Socials and other exclusive events

-Member-only publications

-Network of available/fellow Professional Photographers

-Access to member and vendor directory

-Use of the PPN logo for business use

-Annual membership is only $99

Since 1964, PPN has been serving the professional photographers of our state. PPN brings the best educational opportunities to its members year round through their multi-day conferences, several one-day events, publications and website. Many of our members credit their studio’s success to the education they received as a PPN member. In addition, you will soon discover a world of fun, social opportunities and fellowship. Life long friendships will develop with colleagues, fellow photographers and industry professionals.

Educate. Family. Fun.


My PPN experience started 50 years ago while attending the PPN Annual conference at the old Indian Village Conference Center in Omaha. I had the opportunity, along with my wife, to get thrown into the group by volunteering to be a Sargent of Arms at the first program I attended.  That started a long and very enjoyable relationship with many great photographers. At first many were a bit standoffish but then we were pretty young (20) and I’m not sure they took us very serious. I am happy to say that by the end of those three days we were “part of the bunch”. The fellowship and sharing was amazing considering that even though I started assisting at weddings at the age of 15 and, photographing them by the time I was a senior in high school, we were pretty clueless at times. I quickly learned that in order to get, you had to give and become involved, to make the most of the experience.

Just a bit of an aside, while we were manning the door to the conference room, we were instructed to make sure no one without a badge entered. Being “first timers” we took the job seriously and when one distinguished gentleman attempted to walk in without a badge, we stopped him.  Explaining that no one without a badge could enter, we sent him back to the registration desk to get one. When he returned we discovered, to our embarrassment, he happened to be Bud Reese, the current PPN President.  He laughed and told us to keep up the good work.

PPN gave me the opportunity to study with many of the giants, whose names most of you would not recognize, and gave me a great base to extend my career over the more than 50 years I’ve been a photographer. More than that, I gained many friends throughout the state, country and the industry as a whole. PPN along with PPA has been an investment that every photographer should make to improve their craft.
--Terry Winslow   Cr. Photog, DSD, Hon.Fph.